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1) Use to override literals in,
2) When there are newly created resource keys -----
Create entries for these newly created resource keys in the <INSTALL_DIR>/extensions/global/resources/ file
and in the corresponding properties files for each locale.
3) For existing keys, to implement localization, save the extended resource bundles as <INSTALL_DIR>/resources/extn/extnbundle_<language>_<country>.properties.

.User needs a bundle for default locale and another for French locale.
Consider localizing the value of
Ship_Node_Address=Ship Node Address which is in

1)This is an existing key, so it can be added and overridden as below
Modify as Ship_Node_Address=Ship Warehouse Address in <INSTALL_

For French locale
1) should be saved as in <INSTALL_DIR>\resources (maintaining the original also )
2)save the extended resource bundles as <INSTALL_DIR>/resources/extn/extnbundle_<language>_<country>.properties. (maintain the original also )

User has some customized screens and wants to add newly created resource keys in default and French locales eg. ABC = English speakers, ABC= French Speakers

English Locale
1)Create ABC = English speakers in the <INSTALL_DIR>/extensions/global/resources/ file
2)Remove <INSTALL_DIR>/resources/extn/

1)Create ABC = French speakers in the <INSTALL_DIR>/extensions/global/resources/ file
2)Remove <INSTALL_DIR>/resources/extn/extnbundle_<language>_<country>.properties

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