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Can Exchange Personal Archives (also called archive mailboxes) be restored with the Data Protection for Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Restore function ?


The Exchange 2010 Personal Archive feature allows a user to have a separate repository (called an archive mailbox) for email outside of the user’s regular mailbox, with a separate quota and separate retention schedule. This is a specialized mailbox associated with a user’s primary mailbox, and can be housed on the same database as the primary mailbox or on a separate database/server.

Data Protection for Exchange has three recover modes: database restore, mailbox restore, and mailbox restore browser. If you use database restore, the entire database will be restored, including any archive mailboxes.

However, mailbox restore and mailbox restore browser do not support the restore of data from an archive mailbox. You can work around this by either:

  • Restoring the primary mailbox to a point in time before the data needed was moved to the archive mailbox.
  • Or you can restore the database with the personal archive data to the recovery database and then use the Exchange Powershell cmdlet Restore-Mailbox or New-MaiboxRestoreRequest to extract the data from the archive mailbox to the desired destination.

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