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Information Server Update Installer error during a 8.5 client patch installation

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Information Server Update Installer error during a 8.5 client patch installation:
XML validation failure installing rollup_RU2_IA_ALL_8501


You will see a XML validation failure "Cannot find the declaration of element 'ProductVersion'.xml file."


This type of error happens when the Version.xml file does not contain the ProductVersion element.

Diagnosing the problem

The installation log file shows that the Update Installer is looking for the Version.xml file in the C:\IBM\InformationServer directory where Information Server (IS) 8.1 is installed. However, IS 8.5 is installed in C:\IBM\InformationServer85. In a multi-client installation environment the incorrect Information Server path could be used by the Update Installer even if you specified the correct path at the install prompt using graphical mode

Resolving the problem

Run the Update Installer in console mode. Provide the path to the IS 8.5 location while running the Update Installer in console mode. Follow these steps to install a patch in console mode on Windows operating systems:

  1. Log in with administrator rights.
  2. In the command prompt window, specify the command line parameters and values to avoid interactive installation prompts in the C:\IBM\InformationServer\Updates\bin directory to install a patch on a Client:

InstallUpdate -p c:\temp\rollup_RU2_IA_ALL_8501.ispkg - installLocation C:\IBM\InformationServer85 -console -verbose

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Reference #: 1598184

Modified date: 15 November 2012