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Service Requests Inherit Status Change From Work Order

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Can I stop service requests from inheriting the status change from a work order?


By Default when a single work order is created from a service request the service request will inherit the status change from the work order, So when the work order is completed the service request will be set to resolved. You can change the default so that the service request status is not updated when the work order is completed.

1) Go to Database Configuration

2) Search for the Object SR

3)On the SR Object go to the Attribute tab

4) Filter for INHERITSTATUS Attribute

5) Change the Default Value to 0

6) Save your changes
7) Turn on Admin Mode and configure your changes.

After this is done the service request will not be set to resolved when the work order is completed.

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Self-Service: Svc Request

Software version: 7.1, 7.1.1, 7.5

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Modified date: 03 March 2015

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