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Creating ISM 2.4-like Queries in TEP

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You are unable to query ISM element status globally in the Tivoli Enterprise Portal (TEP) console the way you did in ISM v2.4. You can search the elements in a given workspace. How can you perform global searches across all ISM profiles or ISM servers?


Use the workspace Find command to search for the status entry of a particular monitor by IP address or hostname. This approach works only if the table comprises a single page. The Find command only searches the first page of the workspace. To search the entire multi-page table, change the workspace properties to 'Return all rows'.

To generate a list of the matching ISM elements similar to how 2.4 displayed the search result, you need to create a new TEP query that filters the results based on the search criteria.
The process for doing this is more complicated than using the workspace Find command, and it involves doing the following:

1) First, you see how to create a custom query at the ISM agent level for a single agent workspace.

2)Then, you see how to create a custom global query at the Application Management Console (AMC) level.

These instructions are attached as a PDF.

To view the PDF in your browser immediately, right-click the attachment. Select the command Open Link in New Window from the pop-up menu.

Use the following procedure to save the attachment on your workstation so you can review the instructions later:

1) Right-click the attachment.

2) From the pop-up menu, select the command Save Link As (Mozilla Firefox) or Save Target As (Internet Explorer).

3) In this File Save dialog, select the directory to save the attachment on your workstation.

4) Select Adobe Acrobat Document in the Save as type entry if this document type is not selected by default.

5) Click Save.

Note: If you are unable to download the attachment using Internet Explorer use Mozilla Firefox instead.

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