Unable To Add Mobile Data On Work Orders

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Maximo Mobile users are unable to add data to mobile work orders.


The problem is seen while working within the Mobile application and is specific to the mobile device. When clicking the view button no other options can be chosen.

Mobile Debug log shows:

Fri Nov 11 14:45:32 GMT 2011 [INFO] Trying to get database connection
com.mro.mobile.MobileApplicationException: dbconnectfailed

Further down the log trail there is the following entry:

- nested exception: java.sql.SQLException: [SQLState:HYT00, error
at com.ibm.db2e.jdbc.DB2eError.<init>(Unknown Source)


The J9 has crashed possibly caused by uncleaned lock files on the mobile device. The error message "HYT00, error code:-80108]" is captured on enabling device error logging.

This error usually occurs when the Database is in use by another process which causes the connection to time out as it can only use one connection.



Diagnosing the problem

Enable Device error logging as per IBM Tech documents:

Configure Logging on a Mobile 7.1.1 Device - Reference #: 1470868

Running Mobile Devices with Debug Mode - Reference #: 1318080

Resolving the problem

Perform a soft reset of the handheld to overcome the J9 crash issue. It is recommended not only because of the problem described, but also to put the handheld into a clean state to re-launch the application.

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