sysback backups fail: Cannot read volume group information

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Backups of rootvg fail with volume group errors.


In one case, after cloning an LPAR using alt_disk_install, sysback backups of rootvg failed:

    Generating LVM information ..
    Cannot read volume group information - may not be varied on.

    Unable to create LVM information file!
    FAILURE: System backup failed to complete.

However, explicitly running getlvminfo on rootvg completed successfully:


By default, sysback runs getlvminfo on all volume groups; if one is unavailable, backups will fail even if the failing volume group is not specified in the backup.

Diagnosing the problem

Run getlvinfo on all volume groups

To list all volume groups:

    # lsvg

Sample output:

For each volume group listed:
    # getlvminfo -V <vgname> -i

For example:
    # getlvminfo -V rootvg -i

Symptoms of issues with a volume group are:
    # getlvminfo -V datavg -i
    Cannot read volume group information - may not be varied on

Resolving the problem

Use the -al option with the sysback backup command to avoid running getlvminfo during the backup.

For example, instead of running:
    # sysback -f /dev/rmt0

    # sysback -f /dev/rmt0 -al

The -al option is a new option at 6.1.2, which corresponds to smitty sysback backup option "Limit Logical Volume and Disk Information" set to "LV and Disk".

When this option is set to the default "No", then all of the active volume group, logical volume, filesystem, and physical disk information will be included in the SysBack volume group information file regardless of of whether or not the volume group has been specified for backup. That is, by default, it will run getlvminfo for all volume groups, whether they're being backed up or not. The -al option will only run getlvminfo for volume groups being backed up.

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