64-bit TBSM 6.1.0 fails to install to an existing 64-bit TIP directory.

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TBSM 64-bit install can failed when re-using an existing 64 bit TIP installation. TBSM installer uses TBSM specific script to check for TIP bitness. Unfortunately, the script does not work in some scenarios.


When installing TBSM 64-bit into an existing 64-bit TIP installation, the following error is displayed in some circumstances, related to WAS level:

FINER : ENTRY (from com.ibm.netcool.common.ExecSupport.createFileUsingEncoding 437)
FINER : RETURN true (from com.ibm.netcool.common.ExecSupport.createFileUsingEncoding 437)
FINER : RETURN C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\3\tbsm_impact4809409365475157883.bat
(from com.ibm.netcool.common.ExecSupport.createFileUsingEncoding(String
[] contents, String encoding, String fileType))
INFO : Run command C: \Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\3\tbsm_impact4809409365475157883.bat
(from com.ibm.netcool.common.ExecSupport.execCommand(content, envs, filetype))
FINER : ENTRY (from com.ibm.netcool.common.ExecSupport.execCommandAsIs(cmd, env, dir, charset))
INFO : Return code: 0 (from com.ibm.netcool.wizard.TIPBitnessModeAction.checkTIPBitnessModeScript)
INFO : Stdout: WebSphere Java Path:C:\IBM\Tivoli\tipv2\java
This is a 32 bit WebSphere binary. (from com.ibm.netcool.wizard.TIPBitnessModeAction.checkTIPBitnessModeScript)
INFO : Stderr: (from com.ibm.netcool.wizard.TIPBitnessModeAction.checkTIPBitnessModeScript)
FINER : RETURN (from com.ibm.netcool.wizard.TIPBitnessModeAction.checkTIPBitnessModeScript)
The installer incorrectly sees the existing 64-bit TIP installation as 32-bit and prints the message "The 64 bit installation image cannot be used on an existing TIP 32 bit installation"

The solution is to use the following steps to replace the scripts on the install image with the updated script that calls TIP bitness script directly

1) Copy TBSM install image to a writable directory
2) In the writable directory, change to directory TBSM/impact
3) Rename tipBitnessMode.sh to tipBitnessMode.sh.orig
4) Rename tipBitnessMode.bat to tipBitnessMode.bat.orig
5) Unzip tipbitness.zip to directory TBSM/impact
6) On Unix, Linux do chmod 755 tipBitnessMode.sh


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