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How to check whether the issue is with Sterling API or Loftware files

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How to tackle issue with prints


Consider an issue : Extra '0' preceding ASN number in the print label
Few quick steps to check the root cause of the issue
1) Put the print service on trace
2) Print the label and collect the logs
3) Issue could be with the output XML of the Sterling API, the .pas file or the .lwl file
a) The output XML of the API would be visible in the logs and this would be the info which would be passed to the .pas. If you see the '0' in the API output itself, you will not need to go to step b) and c)
b) The information in the .pas file could be incorrect. This is the data which will be passed on to the .lwl file. You can find the name of the specific .pas file in the logs.
In the logs, data passed by the .pas file will look something like this :
DCCodeName,NodeABC DC
SupplierName,Company Name
FromAddressLine1,VANFAX HAMILTON - 6219
c) If the above data is correct your next step would be to look in the .lwl file. The name of the file and its location would be present in the logs. However, to open a .lwl file you would require Loftware to be installed on the system.
Once you open a .lwl file, You can select specific components of the print label and check their properties and troubleshoot further.
In case of '0' preceding the shipment number: Issue was with the .lwl files. In the properties section of the component the 'Padding' attribute was set as 'Yes'. To fix the issue set this to 'None'.

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