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Forms Experience Builder is failing Phase 2 of the configuration steps upon first access of the product URL.

Technote (troubleshooting)


This technote explains how to correctly configure FEB so that it successfully passes Phase 2 of the configuration steps.


1: Basic Environment Setup", proceeding to "Phase 2: Secured
Environment Setup" fails with the message:

An error has occurred in processing your request. The error message is
displayed below.

We are unable to process your request. If this error persists, report
the problem to your administrator and provide error reference: 64a117c2-
Business Impact: This is a demonstration environment, however it will not

Resolving the problem

To correct this issue, ensure your security roles are mapped properly.

More specifically Step 6, letter j.

AdministrativeUsers - Administrative users are able to set up
the Forms Experience Builder server. You must have an Administrative
User to complete the installation process as described in Completing the
installation. A sample setting is: "Special subject: None, Mapped users,

EditApplicationUsers - Users that can use Forms Experience Builder to
design and deploy applications. A sample setting is: "Special subject:
All authenticated in Trusted Realms".

UseApplicationsUsers ? Users that can use deployed Forms Experience
Builder applications. A sample setting is: "Special subject: Everyone".

To change these mappings after FEB is already installed, do the following:

1) Log into the WAS Admin console, go to Enterprise Applications, find the
FEB war and click it.

2) Then select the "Security role to user/group

3) Once there you will see a table with the 3 above entries.

Select the check box beside one of them and then choose the value you
want to set for it with the "Map Special Subjects" drop down.

Do this for all 3 settings ensuring they match the above values and then
click OK.

4) Once this is all done, trying hitting FEB again. (You may need to
restart your war also.)

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Modified date: 08 April 2013

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