Change to delivery process for scheduled interim fixes.



To better align with the IBM Tivoli process, scheduled interim fixes for IBM Maximo Asset Management will adopt the 'current version -2' fix model.


Regular scheduled interim fixes (previously known as cumulative hot fix) will be provided for the current fix pack and the two previous fix pack levels.

For example, once is released, regular scheduled interim fixes will be provided for Maximo Asset Management versions, and

Please note we are adopting the IBM terminology "Interim Fix" for previously known "cumulative hot-fix".

As of now, all interim fixes for versions 7.5.x will be available on IBM Fix Central located here:

You will be able to download these at any time and are therefore no longer required to log a PMR to obtain an interim fix.

At a later date, interim fixes for version 7.1 will adopt this model as well.

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