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Verify and set password through backom fails with BKI4008E

Technote (troubleshooting)


BKI4008E: File '' cannot be opened. Reason: errno(2), when trying to set a password with the backom command.


The following error is displayed after issuing the command:

/usr/tivoli/tsm/tdp_r3/db264/backom -c password -a test_db

Data Protection for SAP(R) - Backup Object Manager

- Version 6, Release 2, Modification 1 Level 1 for AIX LF 64-bit
Build: 429I compiled on Sep 13 2010
(c) Copyright IBM Corporation, 1996, 2010, All Rights Reserved.

BKI4008E: File '' cannot be opened. Reason: errno(2) A file or directory in the path name does not exist.


Data Protection for SAP cannot create temporary files in the /tmp directory because there are too many existing temporary files and it is nearly full.

Diagnosing the problem

Turn on the environment variable XINT_DEBUG=/tmp and re-run the backom command. The generated trace file, backom.trace, shows the following entries:

20:11:20.116 400 (1) esd-temporaryfile.cpp:38 ESD_TemporaryFile::ESD_TemporaryFile

20:11:20.117 400 (1) esd-file.cpp:77 { ENTRY ...
20:11:20.117 400 (1) esd-file.cpp:77 ESD_File::ESD_File()
20:11:20.117 ffffffff (1) esd-exception.cpp:53 entering ESD_Exception
20:11:20.117 ffffffff (1) esd-exception.cpp:55 esd-file.cpp(77):

20:11:20.117 ffffffff (1) esd-exception.cpp:57 ESD_CSTR(text_)=
20:11:20.117 ffffffff (1) esd-exception.cpp:59 leaving ESD_Exception
20:11:20.117 1000000 (1) esd-exception.cpp:113 { ENTRY ...
20:11:20.117 1000000 (1) esd-exception.cpp:113 ... EXIT }
20:11:20.117 800 (1) esd-string.cpp:186 { ENTRY ...
20:11:20.117 800 (1) esd-string.cpp:186 esd_errno_text(error_number)

Resolving the problem

When the password is being set for the Data Protection for SAP client, temporary information is written to the /tmp directory. If there is not enough free space, temporary files cannot be written/read and an error is displayed.

To alleviate this failure condition, clean up the existing temporary files under /tmp and re-try the password command.

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