Unable to Approve Invoice Due to Returns and Price Variance

Technote (troubleshooting)


Receive error message BMXAA2013E and BMXAA1983E while dealing with PO revision for returns.


When there is a return and price variance, Getting Error when Approving Invoice.

1. Do not set up any Tolerance limits in the Limits and Tolerance tab in Security Groups application
2. Create and approved PO number MAPO2 (Revision 0) with quantity of 1 and line cost set to $1.49
3. Received MAPO2 (Revision 0).
4. Returned MAPO2 (Revision 0)
5. Revised MAPO2 (Revision 1), change cost to $3.49 on the POLINE
6. Received MAPO2 (Revision 1).
7. Create Invoice against MAPO02 by using PO Lines Tab from Copy PO Line.

8. Getting Error when Approving Invoice

"BMXAA2013E - Could not change invoice 1071 status to APPR. BMXAA1983E -
Cannot approve invoice 1071. The difference in cost between line 1 of the invoice and the purchase order line is -0.01 USD, which is less than tolerance of 0 USD."

Expectation: The invoice should be approved, since the invoice line was against the receipt and that receipt price is the same as the invoice pricing.

Resolving the problem

1. Go to the invoice application, Create a new invoice
2. Enter the same above PO MAPO02 in the PO field
3. Go to the invoice lines tab, click Copy PO Lines button, select 'Materials Tab' from Copy PO Line dialog box.
Select the third receipt line

4. Approved Invoice without the price variance or tolerance error message. Which is correct.

NOTE: when selecting from the PO Lines tab, the match is done based on transdate of the receipts (starts with the first receipt and so on).

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