Unable to start the TEMS after 6.23 FP1 upgrade

Technote (troubleshooting)


Unable to start theTEMS but appears to be running. CMS log shows unable to load deliver_message proc, status = 5


TEMS process (kdsmain) will be running but won't show in cinfo -r result . The CMS log shows

(4FAB79C6.002D-1:kglmsww.c,85,"InitializeMessageDelivery") Unable to load deliver_message proc, status = 5

which means that KRANDREG(KRAMESG) failed to load with status code 5 (not there)


message mode - MSG_MODE=kms



Diagnosing the problem

Set the below trace in the TEMS configuration file and recycle the TEMS


Resolving the problem

It appears that the problem is due to the client setting MSG_MODE=kms along with the TEMS being installed to a path other than the default (/opt/IBM/ITM or c:\IBM\ITM). This results in the itmcmd start not being able to detect the KO4SRV032 message even though the TEMS starts normally.

We have created an APAR to resolve the issue

APAR IV23038 -TEMS won't start properly with MSG_MODE=kms

As a work around set the below default variable and TEMS configuration file and recycle the TEMS





Windows :


where $candlehome is the IBM Tivoli monitoring installation path and temsname is name TEMS node id

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