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How to propagate the dates from PO (purchase order) to SO (Sales order ). .

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How to propagate the dates from PO (purchase order) to SO (Sales order ). .


Simulation steps and Configuration :- Node N1 is under Default enterprise.
Node B1 is under E1 enterprise.

Configure the listener in SO pipeline between chainedOrder and shipOrder transaction.

Where listen to status is Included in shipment and drop status is ChainedOrder.
You can configure listener as per business use case.

This is a drop ship scenario :-

1. Create SO Order for an Item .
2. Schedule it, now order is Awaiting chained order status.
3. Create chained order using createChainedOrder API.
4. PO will be created.
5. Move the PO to Included shipment status.
6. Call changeShipment API to change the ETD and ETC on PO.

Input XML :-

ChangeShipment :-

<Shipment Action="Create-Modify" EnterpriseCode="DEFAULT" ExpectedDeliveryDate="2012-05-15T00:00:00-04:00" ExpectedShipmentDate="2012-05-12T16:15:51-04:00" ShipmentNo="100000220" SellerOrganizationCode="E1" ShipNode="B1"
ReceivingNode="N1" />

7. ETD and ETS will be change in SO.

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