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Files to change when enabling Application Server Security

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The installation documents call for modifying web.xml files when enabling Application Server Security. Which files are to be changed?

Resolving the problem

The instructions for changing web.xml for the meaweb web.xml when turning on Application Server Security are at the link at the bottom of this Technote. The instructions don't mention the meaweb web.xml directly, only as one of a set of web.xml files that sets the useAppServerSecurity value. The REST Servlet for Web Application (maxrestweb) also has its web.xml, as does Maximo Mobile (mobileweb) when Maximo Mobile is installed. So, as a general rule, you change web.xml files for those Web Applications that reside in <maximo_root>\applications\maximo and have a webmodule subdirectory. (maximouiweb, maxrestweb, mboweb, meaweb).

The correct syntax for the useAppServerSecurity <env-entry-value> is as follows:
When Application Server Security is disabled: <env-entry-value>0</env-entry-value>
When Application Server Security is enabled: <env-entry-value>1</env-entry-value>

Note: The default value in the useAppServerSecurity <env-entry-value> in <maximo_root>\applications\maximo\maximouiweb\webmodule\WEB-INF\web.xml is "false". This is an invalid entry. The correct value is <env-entry-value>0</env-entry-value>.

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More support for: Maximo Asset Management
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