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WebSphere MQ Workflow V3.6 fails to start after install with Oracle V10.2

Technote (troubleshooting)


When attempting to start WebSphere MQ Workflow after installation with Oracle V10.2 the Workflow Admin Server(FMCAMAIN) dumps a core and the Workflow system fails to start.


WebSphere MQ Series is seen to start fine. When FMCAMAIN is executed it ends immediately with a core dump. The log for FMCZINSX, the initial configuration utility, shows unsuccessful completion when running 'fmczinsx -o oracle10'.


WebSphere MQ Workflow is linked to the wrong Oracle database libraries.

Diagnosing the problem

Examine the log fmczinsx.log after running FMCZINSX to set up the environment for Oracle. An unsuccessful completion of 'fmczinsx -o oracle10' may look like the following:

FMC00100 17:20:25 Values from installation profile /opt/fmc/fmcrc successfully read.
FMC00150 17:20:25 System wide Workflow setup changed to support database Oracle 10g
FMC00155 17:20:25 Checking availability of required shared libraries for database Oracle 10g
FMC00157 17:20:25 Using library search path /opt/fmc/lib/workflow
FMC00157 17:20:25 Using library search path /usr/lib
FMC00157 17:20:25 Using library search path /opt/fmc/lib
FMC00157 17:20:25 Using library search path /opt/oracle/product/10.1.0/lib32
FMC00158 17:20:25 --> Shared library could not be loaded using the builtin search paths!
FMC00159 17:20:25 Please ensure that is available if this database setup will be used.
FMC00170 17:20:25 +++ WARNING +++ Function completed with warnings +++

Resolving the problem

Check the links in <WorkflowInstallDirectory>/fmc/lib/workflow for and Make sure they are pointing to instances of shard libraries in $ORACLE_HOME/lib32 and not $ORACLE_HOME/lib. After correcting run 'fmczinsx -o oracle10' again and check results in fmczinsx.log.

Product Alias/Synonym

WMQ MQ WF fmc00ora fmc00inc​ fmc00ads fmc00wf fmc00dba

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More support for: WebSphere MQ Workflow

Software version: 3.6

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Solaris

Software edition: All Editions

Reference #: 1596842

Modified date: 31 May 2012

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