Message error AWKJEN015E in the Tivoli Workload Broker Agent

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Job successfully completed despite error message AWKJEN015E is displayed in log files. Why ?


The error message :
AWKJEN015E An internal error occurred while waiting for the end of the native process for job "07d5a76c0ac5f05b56154acb37292c62__c75fbe80-f0c6-35ac-b6ac-d01ad16a4749"
with parameters"Path = /twintf/Interfaces/Trigger_Bouncing/bin/;
WorkingDir = null; Arguments = ; Environment = ; StdOut = null; StdErr=null; StdIn = null; User = fintw; Group = null; Pwd = <N/A>; "and process ID "20,002".
The following error was returned: " Connection refused""

is displayed when the Job Executor tries to contact the native Job Monitor for a job already completed in a timeframe shorter than the time interval used by Job Executor to monitor execution status for the job.


The message could be ignored.

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