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How to determine if TSO LOGONHERE reconnect option is being used.

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How do we determine whether the LOGONHERE reconnect option of TSO is being used?


By default, the LOGONHERE function is active. Take the following actions to verify:

  1. Issue the command D IKJTSO.
  2. Verify in the latter part of the output whether LOGONHERE(ON) is specified.

This sample output, from the D IKJTSO command, shows the LOGONHERE setting that is in effect:
DISPLAY IKJTSO                                                          
IKJ738I TSO/E PARMLIB SETTINGS : 356                                    
 SYS1.LOCAL.PARMLIB(IKJTSO00) on volume ZDCAT1                        
 Activated by **IPL** on 2012-02-07 at 16:43:43 from system DEV        
 Applies to :    DEVT                                                  
CURRENT PARMLIB SETTINGS FOR LOGON:                                    

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