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Wrong email notification sent with order status change

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When a CSR (Customer service representative) changes a submitted order from the accelerator, the customer should expect a change notification. However, the system sends an order confirmation email.


When a CSR changes a submitted order from the Accelerator, the customer expects a change notification, but the system sends a confirmation email instead.

[1/30/12 9:14:17:311 EST] 00000056 WC_MESSAGING 3
Messaging(Integer,Integer,Integer) Msgtype: 126 Store: 10851 Priority: null


The OrderNotifyCmd resolves to MsgType: 126 , which is mapped to OrderReceivedView and hence the notification for order received is sent. This is the why the customer is receiving the wrong e-mail notification.

Diagnosing the problem

In the MSGTYPES table, this particular change order action maps to MSGTYPE_ID: 131 which is mapped to OrderChangedView. Hence, OrderNotifyCmd should resolve to this message Id when an order gets changed.

When OrderNotifyCmd is triggered by ProcessOrderCmdImpl, messageType is set to OrderConstants.EC_ORDER_CHANGED_MSG_TYPE with only the following status: E, M or B.

In any case, if the WebSphere Commerce default order approval flow is not being used, the order status should be checked in the trace and database to observe how it is being toggled between E, W, and M during Order Process flow. The contract and OrderApproval TC should be verified to make sure they are being properly configured.

Instead of triggering OrderReceived notification (message type: 126) it should trigger Order change notification (message type: 131).

If order approval flow is being customized incorrectly, the order status could mislead the messaging system to send out wrong emails in certain scenarios.

Resolving the problem

If users receive unexpected messages by triggering tasks, such as change submitted order etc, follow the steps below:

Capture the following mustgather :

1) Check the order approval flow. If it is a customized flow, then the order status during order process needs to be analyzed.

2) Check the trace and database to observe the order status change between E, W and M during Order Process flow.

3) Check if contract and OrderApproval TC are being verified and properly configured.

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