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How do you take a backup of the workspace for CICS Explorer for CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CICS TS) that you can use to restore the workspace to a previous version? This is especially important when upgrading to CICS Explorer V1.1.1 because old workspaces are irreversibly migrated to the new data format when they are used with CICS Explorer V1.1.1.


IBM recommends that anytime you upgrade the CICS Explorer that you take a backup of your CICS Explorer workspace.


To backup the CICS Explorer Workspace, including the connection definitions, copy the .cicsexplorer folder to another folder or compress it into an archive folder.

You are likely to find the .cicsexplorer folder under these path names:

    • Documents and Settings\$USER\ if using Windows XP

    • \Users\$USER\ if using Windows 7

    • /home/$username/ if using Linux

Then after upgrading, if you decide that you want to revert back to the old version of the CICS Explorer, you will be able to replace the .cicsexplorer folder with the backup you made prior to upgrading.

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Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Host Transaction Processing CICS Configuration Manager for z/OS CICS Explorer Plug-in z/OS 2.1, 1.2
Host Transaction Processing CICS Deployment Assistant for z/OS Explorer Plug-in z/OS, Linux, Windows 1.1
Host Transaction Processing CICS Interdependency Analyzer for z/OS Eclipse plugin z/OS 2.2, 3.1
Host Transaction Processing CICS Performance Analyzer for z/OS CICS Explorer Plug-in z/OS 3.1, 3.2
Host Transaction Processing IBM Session Manager z/OS 3.1
Host Transaction Processing CICS Transaction Gateway

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CICS/TS CICS TS CICS Transaction Server

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