Initializing tuplesets and tuple arrays using OPL script

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How do I initialize tuplesets and tuple arrays using OPL script?


The following sample shows one such way to initialize tuplesets and tuple arrays:

tuple tupleAB {
  key int a;
  int b;
//declare tupleset tAB
{tupleAB} tAB = {};
tuple tupleCD{
  key int c;
  int d;
//declare tupleset tCD
{tupleCD} tCD = {};
tuple tupleX{
  key int xA;
  tupleCD t;
//declare tupleset tX
{tupleX} tX = {};
//declare tuple array cdArray
tupleCD cdArray[x in tAB];
  //initialize tAB
  var t1 = tAB.add(1,11);
  var t2 = tAB.add(2,22);
  //initialize tCD
  var t3 = tCD.add(3,33);
  var t4 = tCD.add(4,44);
  //initialize tX
  //initialize cdArray
  //method 1: get the tuple item
  cdArray[tAB.get(1)] = tX.get(tAB.get(1).a).t;
  cdArray[tAB.get(2)] = tX.get(tAB.get(2).a).t;
  //method 2: direct initialization- when you have access to the tuple element
  cdArray[t1] = t3;
  cdArray[t2] = t4;
execute PRINT {

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