Backint inquire fails after upgrade from 5.5 to 6.2.1

Technote (troubleshooting)


Upgrade of Tivoli Data Protection for SAP from 5.5 to 6.2.1 results in Backint inquire command failure.


Here is an example of the failing command:

backint -p /oracle/CLG/112_64/dbs/initCLG.utl -f inquire

Data Protection for SAP(R)

Interface between BR*Tools and Tivoli Storage Manager
- Version 6, Release 2, Modification 1.0 for AIX LF 64-bit -
Build: 429H compiled on Mar 19 2010
(c) Copyright IBM Corporation, 1996, 2010, All Rights Reserved.

BKI2027I: Using TSM-API version (compiled with
BKI2000I: Successfully connected to ProLE on port tdpr3ora64.
BKI0005I: Start of program at:
BKI8381W: The following error occurred while verifying the configuration for server 'YOUR_SERVER' in the profile:
BKI8310E: The keyword FCS_FILE is not allowed.
BKI1001E: syntax error in file '/oracle/CLG/112_64/dbs/initCLG.utl'. Exiting program.
BKI0020I: End of program at:
BKI0021I: Elapsed time: 02 sec .
BKI0024I: Return code is: 2.

You may also see the following symptoms:

1) Upgrade Tivoli Data Protection for SAP from 5.5 to 6.2.1

2) You will see option FCS_FILE at the very end of the utl configuration file.

For example:


If the option FCS_FILE is placed after the SERVER stanza in the initSID.utl file, it may be interpreted as a communication option and flagged as invalid.

Resolving the problem

Place the option FCS_FILE above the line that starts the server stanza information

so that it will be read correctly. For example:

Backint inquire command should now complete normally

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