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After using IBM Installation Manager to uninstall Rational ClearQuest, the files segments.gen and segment_1 are left behind on the system

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After performing an uninstall of IBM Rational ClearQuest, the files segments.gen and segment_1 are left on the system and subsequent install attempts to the same location result in a message about the install location directory not being empty or non-existent.


The segments.gen and segment_1 files are created by the Full Text Search indexing service during install and upgrade operations for IBM Rational ClearQuest version 7.1.x. When Rational ClearQuest is uninstalled, these files are left in their original install locations.


Microsoft Windows system where an IBM Rational ClearQuest package that includes the Full Text Search feature has been removed using the Installation Manager uninstall operation.

Diagnosing the problem

After using IBM Installation Manager to remove IBM Rational ClearQuest 7.1.x,, check your system files to determine if the following files are found in the specified directory:

$INSTALL_LOCATION\ClearQuest\CQ.Solr\SAMPL\Solr\solr\data\index\segments.gen $INSTALL_LOCATION\ClearQuest\CQ.Solr\SAMPL\Solr\solr\data\index\segment_1

If these files are present, the next time you install Rational ClearQuest you will get an error message about the install directory not being empty or being non-existent.

Resolving the problem

Before trying to resolve this problem, restart the system to make sure the IBM Rational ClearQuest uninstall operation is complete. Restarting the system ensures that any remaining file and resource locks are removed from the system.
After restarting, delete the following folder to remove the Full Text Search files and any remaining files that might cause problems when reinstalling IBM Rational ClearQuest.


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