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Capturing TCP dumps on IBM WebSphere Cast Iron appliance

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How do you capture TCP dumps on the IBM WebSphere Cast Iron appliance?


To capture TCP dumps or any network packets of the specified protocol, use the following steps:
1. SSH and login to the appliance.

2. To start capturing the packets, run the CLI commad:
netspect capture start <protocol> interface <emgmt/edata>
Ex: netspect capture start tcp interface edata

3. To stop capturing the packets run the CLI command:
netspect capture stop

4. To transfer the packet capture file from the appliance to a FTP server run the CLI command:
netspect export <protocol> capturefile to host <host-id> [dest-ftp-host-args]

To upload the file to IBM FTP server run the command:
netspect export icmp capturefile to host user anonymous passwd <Emailaddress> destfile "/toibm/websphere/<PMR number>.<branch code>.<country code>.tgz"
Ex: netspect export icmp capturefile to host user anonymous passwd test destfile "/toibm/websphere/ppppp.bbb.ccc.tgz"

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