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How to do a Silent Uninstallation of Rational Publishing Engine using Installation Manager

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How do you perform a silent uninstallation of IBM Rational Publishing Engine (RPE) using the IBM Installation Manager?


To perform a Silent Uninstallation of Rational Publishing Engine using the Installation Manager, apply the following the steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Windows Command Prompt

  2. Navigate to the installation directory of IBM Installation Manager. In Microsoft Windows 7 it is "C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Installation Manager" by default

  3. Open the folder eclipse

  4. Create a response file using IBMIM.exe (which is the executable present in the 'eclipse' folder) using the following command: IBMIM.exe -record "<<path to the uninstallation.xml file>>" -skipInstall "<<Path to the agent data location>>"

    Note: The path to the agent data location is the same location that was selected for performing the silent installation of RPE. Hence it is important that the files created in the agent data location during the silent installation process is retained for performing the silent uninstallation successfully.

  5. To perform the silent uninstallation of RPE using the response file run the following command:

    IBMIM.exe --launcher.ini silent-install.ini -input "<<response file location>>"

To confirm the uninstallation you can check the Program Files (Program_files(x86) in Microsoft Windows 7) directory. You may still have the Publishing Engine folder but being empty. You may remove this folder by deleting it.

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