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Integrating Content Classification with older versions of Content Collector

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How do I integrate IBM Content Collector Version 2.1.1 or Version 2.2 Fix Pack 2 with IBM Content Classification 8.8?


When you configure Content Collector to work with Content Classification, you must copy several DLL files from the Content Classification installation to the Content Collector installation, as described in Integrating Classification Module into Content Collector. If you use Content Classification 8.8, copy the following files from the /Bin directory of the Content Classification 8.8 client installation to the /ctms directory of Content Collector:

  • PackageDll88.dll
  • stlport_ban46.dll
  • bnsClient88.dll

After you copy the files, rename the bnsClient88.dll file to bnsClient87.dll. Do not rename the other files.

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