Launch of Rational PurifyPlus on Windows 7 results in license error

Technote (troubleshooting)


Attempts to launch IBM Rational PurifyPlus on Microsoft Windows 7 result in the error "Failed to check out a key".


Rational PurifyPlus for Windows Authorized User license key has been imported, but Rational Purify (PureCoverage, Quantify) can not be launched due to the license error:

Failed to check out a key for PurifyPlus
FLEXlm error -2, Invalid license file syntax OR no license in file.
FLEXlm error -15, Cannot connect to license server.


This issue may happen when Rational PurifyPlus for Windows Authorized User license key is imported on Windows 7 without Administrator authority, in which case the license is not written into the correct license file.

Resolving the problem

There are two workarounds to solve the issue.


  1. Log in to Windows 7 as Administrator
    Note: You must be logged in as the "Administrator" user itself, not any other user in the Administrators group.
  2. Import the Rational PurifyPlus license key (double click the license key file)

  1. Log in to Windows 7 as any other user
  2. Right click IBM Rational License Key Administrator and click Run as administrator
  3. Click Menu > License Keys > Import License Key(s)...
  4. Navigate to the license key file
  5. Import

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