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You must configure post-filtering when using deletion stub with NRPC crawler

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We have set up NRPC Notes crawler then selected "Use deletion stub to detect deleted documents" check box in the crawler configuration, then started crawler with "detect new, deleted and modified document" mode.

We know that some documents are added thus the number of documents crawled should be increased, but it was not.

How is "Use deletion stub to detect deleted documents" useful and any point to consider?


The crawler does not seem to pick up newly added or deleted or modified documents during the crawl.


"Use deletion stub to detect deleted documents" mode is useful to improve the crawler performance especially when recrawling the documents. By using deleted document stub at target Notes DB side, the crawler can detect the deleted documents effectively and that would help to improve the crawling performance.

However, it requires that the post-filtering(real time verification) is properly configured. It is encouraged to confirm if the post-filtering works as expected before enabling this function. (You do not need to enable post-filtering to utilize this feature, however, the system must be configured that the post-filtering works properly at least.)


This mode is available for NRPC Notes crawler only.

Diagnosing the problem

Confirm if post-filtering is working properly when it's enabled.

Resolving the problem

Make sure that post-filtering(real time verification) is working properly.

Especially when you use facet without post-filtering, you may not configure the post-filtering itself. However, if you want to utilize this feature make sure that the post-filtering is once configured and working properly even though you do not enable it when you perform faceted search.

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