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Maintenance for Sterling Connect:Direct for Windows 4.5.01



Maintenance for Sterling Connect:Direct for Windows 4.5.01


Maintenance for IBM Sterling Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows 4.5.01 is typically delivered in form of a patch.
Patches are used to deliver a subset of files that contain fixes and enhanced features. A patch file contains a compressed archive of changed files, which are applied using the Microsoft Installer. A patch is delivered as a set of two files: the setup executable (.EXE) and an associated data file (.DAT), for example CDWin4501Patch026.exe and CDWin4501Patch026.dat.

Patches for the Connect:Direct for Windows Server also include fixes and enhanced features for the Connect:Direct Requester, Common Utilities or Command Line Interface. Review the Connect:Direct Requester for Window and the Connect:Direct for Windows SDK fix lists for related entries.

How to get maintenance for any none blue washed version of Sterling products?

Follow these steps:

(1) Browse to the Sterling Legacy Software site:

(2) Select the following offering:
  • Connect:Direct for Windows, version 4.5.01 c Maintenance

(3) Download the fix list documents.
  • CDReq4501FixList
  • CDSDK4501FixList
  • CDWin4501FixList

(4) Download the ZIP files of the latest patch, for example 026.
  • CDSDK4501Patch026 (for SDK)
  • CDWin4501Patch026 (for Server & Requester)

(5) Extract the downloaded ZIP file to a local folder. There should be two files, like CDWin4501Patch026.exe and CDWin4501Patch026.dat. Run the executable to apply the patch.

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