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How to connect and fetch emails from Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 using the WebSphere Adapter for Email V6, V7, V7.5

Technote (troubleshooting)


When trying to authenticate with the Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 using the WebSphere Adapter for Email V6/V7 the connection fails as the authentication type expected by the Exchange Server 2010 is NTLM. This is different than the type supported by the Email Adapter which is IMAP4.


The following errors can be found in the logs when trying to connect to the Exchange Server 2010:

ActivationSpe E   J2CA0155W: The look-up of the AuthenticationAlias Test_AuthAlias  , assigned to the ActivationSpec IMAP_Test/Test_AS ( by application IMAP_Test_ModApp#IMAP_Test_ModuleTest_Ex#IMAP_Test_Mod has Failed

EMARA001      E EmailManager EmailManager CWYEM0105E: The adapter cannot connect to the server for inbound processing. Either ActivationSpec parameters, required to connect to the Email server, are incorrect or the e-mail server is down.  Explanation=Either the e-mail server used for polling might be down or the ActivationSpec parameters to connect to the e-mail server are incorrect.  UserAction=Ensure that the e-mail server used for event processing is up and running and that the ActivationSpec parameters to connect to the e-mail server are valid.
FFDC Exception:javax.mail. AuthenticationFailedException
ProbeId:EmailManager Reporter:java.lang.Class@27062706 javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException


The WebSphere Adapter for Email currently makes use of the Java™ Mail API version 1.4 which is provided by the WebSphere Application Server (WAS) runtime, while the Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 makes use of the Java Mail API version 1.4.4. This 1.4.4 version of the Java Mail API expects the authentication type NTLM which is not supported by Java Mail API 1.4.

Resolving the problem

In order to connect to the Exchange Server 2010 using the IBM Email Adapter you should use SSL with plain/text login.

To achieve this you can import the SSL certificates from the Exchange Server to WebSphere Application Server/WebSphere Process Server (WPS).

Listed below are the steps that need to be carried out with the WebSphere Application Server/ WebSphere Process Server administrative console:

1) Log in to the administrative console. Then navigate to: -> Security -> SSL Certificate and key management -> Key stores and certificates -> NodeDefaultTrustStore -> Signer certificates -> Retrieve from port

2) Give the appropriate details like Host, Port (995 for POP3, 993 for IMAP) and Alias
Press ok -> Save to master configuration

3) After you have successfully imported the certificates, restart the WAS/WPS server in order to reflect the imported certificates.

4) After you have restarted the server, create a normal inbound module and enable SSL while configuring in activation spec properties. Below is a snapshot of the check box you must tick to enable SSL.


5) Deploy the Adapter. The Adapter will start polling the mailbox under the SSL environment.

Document information

More support for: WebSphere Adapters Family
Adapter for Email

Software version: 6.1, 6.2,,,, 7.0,,,,, 7.0.1

Operating system(s): Platform Independent

Reference #: 1595118

Modified date: 16 August 2012

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