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How to fix Inventory Pend In / Pend Out Task Mismatch Issues?

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This article describes the steps to take when there are Location Inventory Pend In -Task Issues / Zero Inventory - Pend Out Issues. This is also sometimes called the pend pick corrector utility.


locations have zero quantity but have Pend Out against them or locations have Pend In but there are no putaway tasks or transactions associated with it.


There are many causes for such a situation to occur ranging from database updates, cancelled tasks, etc. Symptoms of such an issue generally show a mismatch between the task quantities and the location quantities.

Resolving the problem

An ANT-based script is provided Out-of-the-box to help clear pend mismatches. The script,

ResetZonePendInQuantities.xml allows you to fix the incorrect pend-in quantities.

The ResetZonePendInQuantities.xml script takes EnterpriseCode, Node,ZoneId, and Action as input that are read from the input file, inputForClearPendInLocationInventory.xml. The valid values for Action
attribute are 'Info' or 'Update'. If no value is passed for Action, it is defaulted as 'Info'. If the value passed for Action is 'Info', the script will provide the incorrect quantities for location inventory and LPN pend-move. If this script is run with Action set to 'Update', incorrect quantities of Location inventory and LPN pend-move will be corrected.

(In case of a multi-schema deployment, set up connection parameters in the ConnectionInfo Element for each Task Element in the inputForClearPendInLocationInventory.xml input file. For example, to correct pend-in quantities for a location that exists in a non-default colony, you must provide ColonyId in the ConnectionInfo element)

To run the ResetZonePendInQuantities.xml script, perform the following steps:
Step 1: Go to the <INSTALL_DIR>-->bin folder, where the <INSTALL_DIR> folder is the one where the Foundation' Software is installed. (Go to <INSTALL_DIR>/bin)
Step 2: Find the inputForClearPendInLocationInventory.xml file. This works as the input file for ResetZonePendInQuantities.xml file.
Prepare the input file inputForClearPendInLocationInventory.xml by providing the details of EnterpriseCode, Node, ZoneId and Action, and so on according to requirements. Incase of
multi-schema deployment, specify the connection information.
Step 3: Create an Environment variable YFS_HOME and set it to<INSTALL_DIR>.
Step 4: Run any one of the following commands as needed:
On Windows: sci_ant.cmd -f ResetZonePendInQuantities.xml
On Unix: ./ -f ResetZonePendInQuantities.xml

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