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Task information gets truncated due to font size in WebSphere Business Modeler (WBM) running under Windows 7

Technote (troubleshooting)


In WebSphere Business Modeler 7.x running under Windows 7 64-bit edition, the task information is truncated when it is too long. This is dependent on the font size of the operating system (OS) and the length of the text.


Task information is cut off.


The default font size of the Windows 7 64-bit OS has a setting which when big can cause this.


Windows 7 64 bit OS, Modeler 7.x

Diagnosing the problem

Customer should check the OS display size if they find that the task information is truncated.

Resolving the problem

In Control Panel select Appearance and Personalization, choose Display, and Select "smaller" (default).

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Modified date: 14 May 2012

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