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You would like to reset a password for a userid (OS level/fmcautil) of a person who no longer is with your company or if a user cannot remember their password. Or you want to know "How to reset user id without knowing the password for the userid?"


No one knows the current user ID password. The password for the Workflow user ID has been forgotten.

Resolving the problem

To reset a user ID in the WebSphere MQ Workflow Runtime database for someone that has forgotten their password, the following approach should be used:

Export the current person definition from the Runtime database with the following command (which may have to be adapted to the customer's environment)

fmcibie /epout.fdl /u=(userid name) /c"EXPORT PERSON '(userid name)'"

Modify the resulting output file by replacing the encrypted string following the PASSWORD keyword by the new password (not encrypted), and use the modified fdl file for the import command:

fmcibie /ipout.fdl /u=(userid name) -o -f

This should resolve your issue.

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