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Fields excluded from Detail or Activity views will be cleared of their values when objects are updated

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An issue (APAR: PM64026) has been identified in the OpenPages GRC Platform that could lead to unintended data changes. Customers with detail or activity views that do not contain all object fields will find that the excluded fields are cleared of their values when objects are updated.


Update July 6, 2012: Inventory has been updated to correct this issue. See Verify Fix section to determine if installations prior to this date require this correction.

DESCRIPTION: Object fields not included in profiles can be cleared of data when the objects are updated. An example scenario would be as follows:


  1. There are 15 fields on the Risk object type.
  2. Profile A includes all 15 Risk object fields.
  3. Profile B includes only 10 of the Risk object fields.
  4. User 1 is configured to use Profile A.
  5. User 2 is configured to use Profile B.

Reproduction steps:
  1. User 1 creates or updates a Risk object, filling in all 15 fields.
  2. User 2 later updates the same Risk, making a change to only one field.
  3. User 1 later reviews the Risk and notices that five fields now have no value.
  4. A review of the audit log will show User 2 updated the intended field, as well as cleared the five fields not in Profile B.

IBM OpenPages GRC Platform 6.1

Review the audit history for affected objects and restore the data based on the changes captured therein.

Apply IBM OpenPages GRC Platform release IF 1 (OP immediately. This release is available on Fix Central:

Verify Fix:
To check how OP Interim Fix 1 (OP is installed, the steps would be:
  1. Open a browser.
  2. Go to the OpenPages URL.
  3. Login with an administrator id.
  4. Using the navigation menubar, go to: My OpenPages -> Build Information.
  5. The build information should display the following. The bold, italicized 1 in the Framework 6.0 line indicates IF1 has been applied.
    Server 8.0: (Build: OP_6.1-303 2012/04/12 16:38:16)
    Framework 6.0: (Build: OP_6.1.0.0. 1-1 2012/05/07 18:12:49)
    Database Procedures: 2011/11/29 13:22:11
    IBM OpenPages GRC Platform: (Build: OP_6.1-303 2012/04/12 16:42:25)
    Platform SDK 8.0: (Build: OP_6.1-303 2012/04/12 16:38:16)
    Database Schema: 2010/12/20 18:30:57

None known. Apply the interim fix immediately.

Note: The content of this Alert is based on the best-available information as of the date of its publication.

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Software version: 6.1

Operating system(s): AIX, Windows

Reference #: 1594951

Modified date: 09 July 2012

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