How to shrink DB2E tables DSY.SYNC_STATS and DSY.SYNC_SUBS_STATS

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How can I shrink the size of DSY.SYNC_STATS and DSY.SYNC_SUBS_STATS tables used by DB2E (DB2 Everyplace)?


The size of the DB2 Everyplace (DB2E) tables DSY.SYNC_STATS and DSY.SYNC_SUBS_STATS can grown quite large over time. There is not a scheduled task which will automatically prune the client sync statistics tables.


There is not a scheduled task to automatically prune the client sync statistics tables. Therefore, you must delete/move outdated data from the tables according to your business needs.

The following links show the table structures, etc. Once you know what the data is, you can decide how to prune the tables manually.

Client synchronization statistics table structures

Querying client synchronization information tables

If you want to keep the current sync data, you could create a query which deletes the records older than <timestamp> (you would have to pick a time stamp).

For example:

Connect to DSYCSTAT

Delete from DSY.SYNC_STATS where SERVERTS < '2012-05-15 12:00:00.000'

This would delete things older than noon on the 15th of May, 2012

If you do not care about the information in these tables, there is no reason why you could not clear the contents of these tables.

However, do not drop the tables, as they are needed.

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