Rational DOORS Web Access performance degradation when interop on Red Hat Linux servers

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IBM Rational DOORS Web Access shows significant performance degradation and timeouts on some of the Red Hat Linux servers. You may encounter this performance problem when the interop server processes requests very slowly while performing certain operations on Rational DOORS Web Access.

Resolving the problem

The Initial analysis of the problem suggests that the delay is caused by a third party software component used in the Linux interop server.

A case has been raised with the third party software vendor and this is currently under investigation to determine why only some Red Hat Linux Servers are affected. However, you are recommended to contact the IBM Rational Client Support (Rational DOORS Technical Support) to further investigate this problem.

WORKAROUND: To circumvent this issue, it is advised to have the interop servers run on a Microsoft Windows platform, while the Rational DOORS Web Access Server and the Broker remain on the Red Hat Linux server.

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