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The supplied startup scripts do not work


There are some start-up scripts under the installed directory:


that are causing confusion. The files in there hail from old Impact 3.1 and will not work with Impact 6.1.

Please note that we do not currently supply and/or support start-up scripts for Impact 6.1.


We can confirm that IBM currently does not supply &/or support start-up scripts for Impact 6.1 and that the contents of the directory:


are to be ignored.

We have also raised APAR IV20781 : "$NCHOME/IMPACT/INSTALL/STARTUPSCRIPTS CONTAINS OLD IMPACT 3.1 FILES NOT PERTINENT FOR IMPACT 6.1" for these confusing files to be removed in the next available fix package.

Additionally APAR IV20781 is listed as fixed in the impending IBM Tivoli Netcool/Impact V6.1.0 Fix Pack 2 (6.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0002) - [ link below].

There is also an existing Request For Enhancement that Impact should come with start-up scripts [ link below] - login required since direct linking is not possible from a TechNote you will have to select Brand: "WebSphere" and Product: "Tivoli Netcool/Impact" and search for "startup" and the item title is "Netcool Impact 5". If you are interested in having this feature in future versions & builds of Impact, please visit the site and subscribe to RFE 15735. There is also a new RFE in this list entitled "Start-up script for TIP / Impact" with ID: 23146 that seems to be an identical request, please vote for this too.

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