Data Refill and Calendar Refill Log Details

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How do you find the logging for pack_admin when run in IBM Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager for Wireless?


You are running :

Populate the database schema tables by using the Common Pack Service pack_admin data-refill action and hit an error message or the session terminated prematurely and want to check the status. Similarly for calendar-refill.

Resolving the problem

Please check the SystemOut.log that is detailed here :

<TIP HOME>/profiles/TIPProfile/logs/server1/systemOut.log

You can do a good dump of the run into the logs via ensuring there is a diff done on the logs before and after the refill commands were completed. On data refill , you will SEE lines similar to below :

[5/8/12 17:48:34:267 MYT] 00000023 OracleDatabas I Executing DB stored procedure [cdmnet_bi_data.clear] ...
[5/8/12 17:48:34:329 MYT] 00000023 OracleDatabas I [OracleDatabaseAPI.executeStoredProcedure - procedureName[cdmnet_bi_data.clear], parameters[[]]]= 0.061s
, total: 0
[5/8/12 17:48:34:333 MYT] 00000023 OracleDatabas I Executing DB stored procedure [cdmnet_bi_data.refill] ...

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