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Fix List for IBM Forms 8.0

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What APARs are fixed in IBM Forms version 8.0?


The following is a listing of fixes included in IBM Forms 8.0.

Webform Server

Field displaying content twice in Webform Server 4.0.x
In IE 7, the labels contained within a pane are not being refreshed properly.
FormViewPortlet 4.0 is rendering slowly on page navigations with Microsoft IE.
System error thrown when server log level set to
Printing a form using Webform Server keeps throwing the message "Print server is busy. Please try again later".
When using FormViewPortlet, the LTPA cookie from the browser is not transported to the request header for authentication.
RTF labels do not indent multi-line bullets according to Web 2.0 standards.
Invoking a Pagedone button with a compute does not work on Webform Server.
A web service returning data results in null pointer exception.
Printed text cut off when printed through Webform Server.
Computes within an action are not being reset in Webform Server 4.0.x
XFDL Lang attribute is not passing WCAG 2.0 standards as it is converting from EN-US to EN_US on Webform Server.
Webform Server is creating duplicate ID's for accessibility fields which results in a WCAG 2.0 failure.
Webform Server is not handling set cookies properly.
Printing richtext from a form produces a PDF with text in the label cut-off.
Updating a form part and importing the updates into your existing form overwrites defined custom references.


Getting invalid parameters error when using 3.x/4.x API Duplicate function but not when using the 2.7 API or earlier.
CheckValidFormats incorrectly includes UI elements if they are contained in an invisible pane.


Designer inserts additional slash into web service action URL.
Richtext label takes on the reference of newly added richtext label.
The Designer is expending list items width when more items are in teh list than the height.
Modifying the text pattern of a field in a form part breaks all references in the form list elements, making it unusable.
Removing an item that references a node with multiple other item references, removes the binds associated to that node.
A form part with a resource for submission throws errors


When trying to install/uninstall or start viewer, an error is thrown stating the system can not find the file specified.
The form you submitted has changed based on your input.
Version 6.5 forms throwing an internal function call error in viewer
A dot displays in front of a richtext label when form is printed to PDF.
The licensing information in the About dialog is not being read by the screen reader.

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