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How can you find other instances of an IP address if the address resides on other pages of the workspace?


The workspace Find command searches only the first page of the workspace. To search the entire table, change the workspace properties to 'Return all rows'.


By default, the workspace Find function searches only the current table page. To search all table rows, you need to change the workspace properties. This is true for all workspace table views.

1) Right click the table or the workspace (or select the forward slash icon in the top right of the workspace title bar).

2) Select Properties from the pop-up menu.

3) In the bottom pane of the workspace properties page (View-level Page Size), select the radio button Return all rows.

4) Click Apply to set the new properties, and then click OK to close the properties page.

If the monitoring volume is quite high, you might run into issues with ITM not being able to display all the data, which is why, by default, it only displays 100 results. This is usually not an issue until the table size gets into the 1000's range or more.


1) Navigate to the Internet Service Monitors > Host Statistics node.

2) Right-click the Hosts table or workspace.

3) Select the Find command from the pop-up menu.

4) Select the Host column (attribute). Enter the IP address that ISM is monitoring. Use the '==' operator.

5) Click Find to find the first occurrence of the IP address. If a row containing the IP address exists, the row is highlighted in the table. Click Find Next to find other occurrences of this IP address.

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