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Selecting Bookmark from the Blox Menu Cuts Off a Long Bookmark List

Technote (troubleshooting)


Alphablox 9.5.7 does not show long bookmark lists.


An user's attempt to display a long bookmark list, causes the list to run off their display area.


The Blox Menu code for handling long bookmark list was not implement in Alphablox version 9.5.7.


Alphablox 9.5.7 iExplorer versions 7 and 8.

Diagnosing the problem

The following image illustrates the problem when selecting the Blox Menu's Bookmarks item:

As you can see in the above image the bookmarks after "book5" in the "More Bookmarks" selection are cut off.

Resolving the problem

Apply the attached BloxMenu.js to your Alphablox 9.5.7 installation by doing the following for your Web Application Server brand:BloxMenu.jsBloxMenu.js

WebLogic and Tomcat Web Application Servers

  • Stop Alphablox
  • Make a backup copy of your current BloxMenu.js file contain in the directory
    <your_alphablox_home>\system\AlphabloxPlatform\AlphabloxServer\jslib\ie .
  • Copy the attached BloxMenu.js file to
  • Start Alphablox

WebSphere Web Application Server
  • Stop WebSphere
  • Make a backupcopy of your current BloxMenu.js file contained in the directory similar to the following for your installation:
  • Copy the attached BloxMenu.js file to
  • Start WebSphere

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Modified date: 11 May 2012