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IEM Agent Fails to Install on Solaris 9

Technote (troubleshooting)


Possible problem on some Solaris 9 endpoints of agent not able to read the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.


IEM Agent Fails to Install on Solaris 9.

If you run into a problem on some of your Solaris 9 endpoints where the agent fails to run after installation.

For example, you attempt to start the agent and the agent promptly dies:
sys-root:/> /etc/init.d/besclient start
Starting BESClient




Solaris 9

Resolving the problem

The agent may have a problem reading the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable because of possible operating system configuration issues. This variable points to /opt/BESClient/bin for the purpose of having the agent locate the libBEScrypto* and libBESssl* files needed to properly start and run.

To work around the problem, keep the libBEScrypto* and libBESssl* files in the /opt/BESClient/bin directory. And, also copy both of the files to the /usr/local/lib directory as well.

Then start the agent: /etc/init.d/besclient start

Once the files are in the /usr/local/lib directory they will not need to be re-copied there on subsequent client upgrades as these files rarely change. In the event they do change, you will need to plan to also copy the newer versions of the files to/usr/local/lib on subsequent upgrades.

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More support for: IBM BigFix family

Software version: 9.0

Operating system(s): Solaris

Reference #: 1593146

Modified date: 30 April 2015

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