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Processing large files can result in a ADMN1010I or CWWBF0057E log message when attempting to stop a Business Level Application (BLA) for WebSphere Process Server (WPS)

Technote (troubleshooting)


If the process instance is processing large files, the processes have not been completed, and you attempt to stop the relevant application completely, ADMN1010I or CWWBF0057E log messages are seen.


You might encounter the following symptoms:

  • The SystemOut.log file contains the following errors when you try to stop the application:
    [4/10/12 22:22:27:470 CDT] 00000036 AdminHelper   A   ADMN1010I: An
    attempt is made to stop the
     XXXXXX application.
    (User ID = defaultWIMFileBasedRealm/maziz1)

    [4/10/12 22:22:28:282 CDT] 00000036 ProcessContai E   CWWBF0057E: The
    application cannot be stopped because of existing process instances.:

  • There is one thread that seems to be hung for a very long time.


Using the Business Process Choreographer Explorer, you can see that a few of the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) instances are still running and processing large files. These instances cause the application to not stop completely.

Resolving the problem

Before you stop the application, complete or terminate all of the related running process instances. Otherwise, the application does not stop cleanly and completely.

For more information, see the Starting and stopping service modules topic in the information center.

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