z/OS Agent .cfg file no longer requires X'AB' and X'BD'

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Prior to zSecure 1.11, the z/OS agent config (.cfg) file, used as input to the C2ECNNCT job, required that square brackets [ and ] be translated to hex 'AB' and hex 'BD' respectively, otherwise the job would fail.


Beginning with zSecure release 1.11, translation of the square brackets in the .cfg file is ignored, as are blanks (X'40') at the end of lines and at the end of the file.

These were long-running syntax problems with the .cfg file as it was transmitted from TCIM/TSIEM to z/OS for initial connection via the C2ECNNCT job. These syntax problems have now been corrected, and the syntax checking section has been removed from the documentation.

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Security Tivoli Compliance Insight Manager 8.5
Security Tivoli Security Information and Event Manager 2.0

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