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Multiple DWA server installation on one machine

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Is it possible to set up more than one IBM Rational DOORS Web Access (DWA) server on a machine?


You have multiple DOORS databases and you need to configure a DWA server for each database instance.


Yes - providing that you are not attempting to configure them all as TRS providers.

You must install and configure a separate DWA instance for each DOORS Database you want to connect to.

The DWA servers must be installed to a different directory and use different port numbers, etc.
You can not have separate "DWA" instances connected to different DOORS Databases all running from a single set of installed binaries.

If the separate DWA instances share the same version then they can use a single DOORS Interop Server install, providing that the short-cuts / batch files for starting those Interops are configured correctly.

Multiple DWA installs on one machine

Example of all applications on the same machine. You will need:

  • One install of DOORS server (to host multiple servers as services)
  • One install of DOORS client (to act as the interop server for multiple DWA instances)
  • N installs of DWA into fresh directories, where N the number of database servers you want to service

Two DOORS database servers on machine A with a DWA instance serving each

  1. Install DOORS client and server on machine A
  2. Create multiple DOORS services for different DOORS databases (36677, 36678)
  3. Install DWA twice into directories c:\dwa1 and c:\dwa2
  4. Use two different secure (or non-secure) DWA ports, 8443 and 9443
  5. Use two different broker ports 61616 and 61617

Configure DWA instances
Ensure there are no port clashes and that all ports used by instance 1 and instance 2 are unique.
The initial set of ports are likely to be unused but ensure that the ports used on instance 2 are unused ( netstat -a | findstr 80).
Recommend that instance 1 uses the defaults and subsequent instances change the ports needed. The files below are those which need editing, including the default text requiring changed for the second instance.

Broker files:






transportConnectore port: " tcp://"

Tomcat files:


server port="8005" SHUTDOWN="SHUTDOWN"
non-SSL connector port (8080)
SSL Connector (8443)
AJP Connector 8009 (and redirect port)


all Broker port refs (there will be multiple references)
repository ID
published.url.prefix (port number)
oauth.domain (port number)



Configure DOORS data

Run the dbadmin command to set up the data for both DWA instances:

dbadmin -data port@DOORSserver -dcnEnable -dcnBrokerUri “tcp://machine A:61616” -dcnChannelName “dcn” –dwaProtocol https -dwaHost machineA –dwaPort 8443

dbadmin -data port@DOORSserver -dcnEnable -dcnBrokerUri “tcp://machine A:61617” -dcnChannelName “dcn” –dwaProtocol https -dwaHost machineA –dwaPort 9443

Interop Startup

Start interop servers referencing correct brokers:

doors.exe –interop –data 36677@machineA –brokerHost machineA –brokerPort 61616
doors.exe –interop –data 36678@machineA –brokerHost machineA –brokerPort 61617

Derby (Included in newer versions)


  • Do not copy files from one configuration to another
  • Browsers keep cookies by hostname rather than hostname:port. This means that if you connect to instance A and instance B of DWA, after a login to one database, you will be logged out of the other. If you must use multiple databases from the same machine, use different browsers for each instance (FF and IE).

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