JITC error installing fix pack

Technote (troubleshooting)


After installing, get message: "Warning: JIT compiler "jitc" not found. Will use interpreter." whenever any agent is stopped, started or configured.


Agent is running Java 1.4.2, but modules have been upgraded


The jitc error occurs because Java 1.4.2 requires an older version of libstdc++ (libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3) than what was available on the system. The newer Java 1.5.0 required a current version that was available on the system.

Resolving the problem

Running either of these install.sh scripts,

6.2.2-TIV-ITM_TMV- Agents-FP0003 or 6.2.2-TIV-ITM_TMV-Linux-FP0003,
installs Java 1.5.0 and resolves this problem.

In fact, even just running install.sh and proceeding to the point where
components are displayed for installation selection will upgrade the
Java to whatever level is on the media image. It will also upgrade
GSKit and the installer component run-time code.

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