No z/VM nor Linux data on TEP

Technote (troubleshooting)


Not seeing any z/VM nor Linux data on the TEP.


Receive the following messages:

Status 1DE00003=KDE1_STC_BADRAWNAME status=10020003, "invalid string address format",ncs/KDC1_STC_BAD_NUMERIC_NAME

Resolving the problem

The KDC1_STC_BAD_NUMERIC_NAME error you are getting in the
RKLVLOG shows the network cannot convert the name you gave for the HUB TEMS to an IP address for the HUB TEMS. Please reconfigure the agent to show the correct name of the TEMS to which this agent connects.

To start the agent configuration enter the command
./itmcmd config -A vl
When prompted for the TEMS name, please put in correct hostname for the TEMS.

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