Should FTG_USE_SYS_MEMORY=1 be set on Domino 8.x and 8.5.x servers on IBM i

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Should FTG_USE_SYS_MEMORY=1 be set on Domino 8.x and 8.5.x servers on IBM i?



FTG_USE_SYS_MEMORY=1 should not be set on Domino 8.x/8.5.x servers on IBM i.

Starting in the Domino 8.x codestream, there were several changes to the Domino memory management structure. One of those changes allowed Domino full text indexing code to request and handle large memory allocation (malloc) requests.

In order to make Domino 8.x/8.5.x compatible with the IBM i v5r4 operating system, the full text indexing code does not default to teraspace allocations. This means, if FTG_USE_SYS_MEMORY=1 is set and the Domino full text indexing code attempts to malloc over 16 MB from the operating system, the OS memory allocation will return an error to Domino.

Errors in the Domino console may include:

"Insufficient memory"

"Not enough memory for Full Text Indexing or Search"

NOTE: The full text indexing code has been teraspace enabled in Domino 9.x for IBM i. This removes the 16 MB malloc limitation. Therefore, FTG_USE_SYS_MEMORY=1 should be set in Domino 9.0 and above on IBM i so that system memory can be used.

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