-4:Error in unlinking

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AIX 6.1 on 64 bit hardware.

Scripts intermittently fail with -4:Error in unlinking in script.old log.
The error occurs in ENVIRON portion of script. Note: subsequently rerunning script is successful.
-4:Error in unlinking /usr/edina/./temp//wrktmp/smgr41ap7d


-4:Error in unlinking /usr/edina/./temp//wrktmp/smgr41ap7d

smgr:18481400:04122012:110601: -1:Ended dndtnaso_sftp:


On 64 bit hardware the process id (PID) numbers are longer than the 32 bit PIDs.

The smgr executable uses a portion of the PID as a temporary file name and this
portion of the PID is NOT unique for the 64 bit PID numbers. When multiple smgr invocations
attempt to use the same file name, files are created or deleted/unlinked.

Resolving the problem

Fix smgr resolves the issue. Contact support.

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